The Author of Our Kids’ Stories

I have a foster world HERO who has become a dear friend. Her name is Pam Parish. Recently we were having lunch and talking about our fostering journeys—her’s being MUCH more extensive than mine. Pam shared an insight with which I could immediately identify! It’s such a powerful parenting insight, I knew you’d benefit from […]


Remember back in your school days when you’d hear that a substitute teacher was coming the next day? Or you’d arrive at school and while making your way to class, you’d hear that Mrs. Whoever was absent, and a sub had come instead? For me, that announcement brought forth simultaneous giddiness and dread. Giddiness, because […]


Last year, the week before Labor Day, I was at the bank drive thru making a deposit.  As we wrapped up the transaction, the teller said to me, “Remember, wear clothes on Monday.”  “Excuse me??”  I responded to him, yes HIM.  “Wear clothes?”  “No ma’am, we’re CLOSED on Monday.”  Oh my goodness, I immediately put […]