Don’t They Know?

Andy and I are in our sixth year of fostering. Newbies still, really. But, recently someone asked, “Considering all you’ve learned in foster care, what advice would you give new foster parents? Understatement alert! I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned stuff about myself. Umm, I’m selfish. I’ve learned how much I love my clean and […]

The Power of the Parentheses

“How can you endure giving kids back after they’ve lived with you?” It’s a good question. It’s often asked. And the answer is, “It’s really hard.” At some point, all foster parents face the reality of packing up suitcases with accumulated clothes, toys, and mementos. They watch as caseworkers pull into the driveway. They look […]

The Author of Our Kids’ Stories

I have a foster world HERO who has become a dear friend. Her name is Pam Parish. Recently we were having lunch and talking about our fostering journeys—her’s being MUCH more extensive than mine. Pam shared an insight with which I could immediately identify! It’s such a powerful parenting insight, I knew you’d benefit from […]