Grace in the Dark

GRACEHave you ever felt true awe when watching people you know respond to a serious illness or a season of extreme personal difficulty? I don’t mean you just admire their attitudes. I mean you’re awestruck over their rock-solid faith and trust.

Andy and I watched and prayed for Andrea and Josh Smith and their four beautiful young daughters for nearly two years. They navigated the complexities of a cancer diagnosis, identifying a huge malignant tumor in Andrea’s chest cavity. They trudged along through all of the subsequent treatments, side effects, surgeries, scans, tests, and life disruptions that came along with it. Through the entire ordeal, they “navigated” and “trudged,” filled with unexplainable joy and peace—unexplainable, unless you understand, as they do, the sufficiency of God’s grace.

Here’s something Josh wrote during that time. I hope it speaks to you and encourages you. If you’re walking a dark path right now, I hope you find that the truth of this rocks you to the core and gives you that same unexplainable strength in the midst of your journey.

“There is one little statement from 2 Corinthians 12:9 that has been a continual source of encouragement to us. The Lord simply says, “My grace is sufficient for you.” This is not a prayer request. This is a promise. It is a statement of fact. His grace will always be sufficient. We don’t have to worry about this. His promise is sure. There will never be a moment in which we find ourselves in need of more grace than is available. The struggle is never the sufficiency of God’s grace; the struggle is in believing his promise. So, instead of praying for God’s grace to be sufficient, we must simply pray that God would give us the faith to believe that his grace is sufficient. Faith is defined as “enduring confidence in the promises of God.” So today, we are praying that God would give us enduring confidence in the promise of his sufficient grace. We pray you will do the same.” —Josh Smith

Amazing grace, sufficient grace—exactly what we need, when we need it. Thank you, Andrea and Josh, for modeling this for us.


  1. says

    An amazing story of faith and grace. I have followed this journey of hope and grace through the eye’s of my friend Sandy Smith. I am humbled by such great faith, love and prayer.

  2. says

    Interesting! My quiet time thought for the day is to look for God’s grace all throughout my day, Sandra. So this really grabbed my attention and inspires me. I’m grateful for the many ways God taps me on the shoulder and points out the good that is always all around me. I pray that will be the case for this precious family who are finding God’s grace in a very dark place. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Beth says

    Needed this reminder, just as our family needed to hear Andy’s sermon this morning. We finally figured out how to put him on the TV screen and it’s a little discomforting the way his eyes bore into ours. 😉 Seriously, God was speaking. I pray my teenager especially was listening and holding those words in his heart.

  4. Kim S. says

    Someone very dear to me goes in for testing this week because cancer appears to have returned. Your blog was so timely and such a gift. I shared it with my Small Group too and will be holding fast to His promise. Thank you for being the behind the scenes partner in the Stanley family. Keep writing. I love hearing from your side of the aisle!

  5. Tifani Thompson says

    Their story is so goosebumpy amazing! That paragraph from Josh is something to read everyday. So encouraging! Thank you for posting this!

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