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I’ll never forget the moment Andy and I loaded our first newborn into the squeaky-clean, fresh-out-of-the-box car seat that was perched in our car. We were in the parking lot of Piedmont Hospital and were in shock that the “hospital people” were letting us take him. After all, we knew very little about what we were doing. We kept eyeing the revolving doors to see if maybe a security team was on its way to stop us with a “Hey! What do you think you’re doing? You can’t leave with that baby. You don’t know enough!”

But they did let us leave, and we’re grateful. I realize now that it wasn’t just the physical stuff of taking care of a baby that concerned us. It was ALL of it. Good grief, this baby would be a high school student someday, and a college kid someday, and probably even a dad someday. What if we mess up?

Early on, Andy and I discovered that there were so many facets of parenting. Not only did we want to care for the physical needs of our kids, we wanted to help them develop understanding. We wanted to lead them to be discerning and wise. We wanted them to be in a position to honor God and honor others in their choices and decisions.

While all of that sounds a bit heavy, the lion’s share of it comes in the day-to-day living with our kids. The daily training and coaching and FUN that comes from being together. The daily modeling, encouraging, and celebrating important virtues and character traits.

The GREAT news is that Courtney DeFeo has recently written a book about this very thing! In This House, We Will Giggle is the book I wish I’d had when the Stanley three were growing up. I’m thrilled that I can use it with nieces and nephews and our sweet foster kids who are in and out.

Here are the chapter titles, because I think they’re awesome!

  • Joy: When the Reality of Life Meets a Heart of Gladness
  • Love: Letting Concern for Others Guide
  • Forgiveness: Discover the Freedom That Comes Only Through Grace
  • Faith: Planting Seeds of Trust for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth
  • Patience: Some Things Are Worth the Wait
  • Perseverance: Pressing On Through
  • Respect: Words and Actions That Honor Others
  • Responsibility: Working Hard and Taking Ownership
  • Service: Meeting Needs with Our Hands, Feet, and Hearts
  • Humility: Giving God and Others Center Stage
  • Gratitude: So Many Reasons to Be Thankful
  • Generosity: Join in the Adventure of Giving

In This House, We Will Giggle provides parents with the motivation and practical ideas to plant these virtues deep in the hearts of their kids and have so much fun doing it. For each virtue there is a practical activity to do with your kids to make it fun. Don’t miss this! The book launches on October 7, but you can preorder your copy this week on Courtney’s website: The publisher is offering a buy one get one free deal right now. If you think you might want to do this as a small group study, now’s the time to get a great price.

Comment here with which chapter you expect will be your favorite and you’ll be automatically entered to win a copy autographed by Courtney! Drawing will be on release day, October 7.


  1. Annette says

    I debated trying to “win” by leaving a comment or going ahead and just pre-ordering a copy myself. The chapter on Patience is definitely what I need! 🙂

  2. Julie Ross says

    I think “Forgiveness: Discover the Freedom That Comes Only Through Grace” will be my favorite chapter, but they all look good!

  3. says

    I am excited about this! We have her ABC Scripture cards and my little girl loves them! I too think I will like gratitude the most, but I think I will NEED the one on patience the most! 🙂 I have a 4 year old, an almost 2 year old and a 6 month old! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Tifani Thompson says

    This book looks so good and encouraging! I know I will love the ‘perseverance’ chapter as I am home-schooling our precious girls,,,,and the ‘love’ chapter will be so wonderful to read too. All the chapters look so good. This book will also be a great Christmas gift too! The cover of the book is so fun and cheerful!
    I usually get my 20 minutes of reading time at night:):),,,,excited to read this book:):)

  5. Kelly Bryant says

    This looks like a wonderful book! I have a 6 year old boy and desire for him to portray all of these qualities. The chapter Love is one that pops out to me the most…a concern and love for others. Thank you!

  6. Abby says

    Joy!!! My litmus test for whether I thought I’d be good friends with someone is whether they giggled or not, so I’m in love with this title! Will have to put this one on ‘the list’. 🙂

  7. says

    We are at a fun and yet challenging stage in our family right now where ALL the chapters would make deep impressions in our living. Our 6-yr-old is learning more about her adoption story, questioning and processing the details in age-appropriate truths and we’re also gearing up for a new baby this January (our first pregnancy, which happened miraculously and naturally after 14 years!) I would be most excited to read Perseverance: Pressing On Through. Either way, this is a book and study we’re going to have to get our hands on! Thanks for the introduction!

  8. Staci Harwell says

    Not quite a parent yet, but I pray for my future babies all the time! You can never be too prepared I think! 🙂 Every chapter seems great but I think my favorite chapter will be Joy, humility and service!

  9. says

    Humility-I think we struggle soooo much on this topic with our children living in THIS world, but remembering it’s all about Jesus, not who runs the fastest, who has the best grades, who has the nicest clothes, and on and on. Thank you for sharing,mill be picking this book up!!

  10. Pam says

    1. Gratitude
    2. Patience
    3. Faith
    No wait, maybe I should read Faith first, then Gratitude. No wait, how about Patience first. Hmmmm, I think I need them ALL! 🙂

  11. Tracey Greenwood says

    It sounds like a must have. I can’t wait to order one. The chapter I need most for my family is the one on faith. I have two school age kids and always worry about laying that foundation to love and desire to learn about God for a lifetime.

  12. Stephanie Jacobson says

    the whole book sounds wonderful! The chapter that stands out to me is Gratitude: So Many Reasons to Be Thankful.

  13. Lauren says

    All of them! Humility, joy, patience…I can’t even decide! Cannot wait to read this sweet book and watch as God uses it to transform families…including mine!!

  14. Tracy Wenzel says

    Looking forward to the Joy chapter the most! Would love to win this as my husband and I train up our 6 and 4 year old boys in the Lord! Thanks for the chance!

  15. Jane Borozan says

    The entire book sounds appealing! I can’t wait to read another wise and godly voice speaking into our culture. I choose Joy!

    • Sandra Stanley says

      Jane! Congratulations! You’re the winner of the random drawing for Courtney’s new book! I’m in Spain right now, so I’ll get your information to Courtney. Please email me at with your mailing information. Thank you for reading and entering!

  16. Jen says

    This book sounds fantastic! We have the ABC scripture cards & love them! We have gifted them to others too! So special! I can’t wait to read her book especially the chapter on Humility: Giving God and Others Center Stage. Thank you for the chance!

  17. says

    Its good to hear you say that most of the work is done in the day to day. Sometimes you wonder if the little things are going to add up to enough in the end.

    Humility: Giving God and Others Center Stage

  18. Jodie says

    So hard to choose, but very excited to read this book!

    I think my favorite may be:
    Joy: When the Reality of Life Meets a Heart of Gladness

  19. Mary says

    My kids are in the double digits, but I think this would still be beneficial. Perseverance, Respect, and Service are the chapters that at the top of my list.

  20. Lori Safstrom says

    Would LOVE a copy of this book! We have 5 & 3 year old little boys and right now we’re having many conversations about respect- I think that will be a favorite chapter of mine in this new book 🙂

  21. Sabrina says

    Thanks for sharing…always looking for things to help navigate this journey…I am looking forward to reading the chapter on faith: Faith: Planting Seeds of Trust for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth

  22. Jennifer says

    Thank you for sharing this book! Hard to pick just one… but faith. Planting those seeds early on so they have time to grow in my little girl’s heart.

  23. Jim Kelly says

    This book looks amazing! My wife and I got married about five months ago in April. Although we are not planning on having kids for another year or two, we are excited to start reading books like this to help us prepare as much as we can for the birth of our first born. The chapters on Respect and Love are the two I’m most looking forward to reading!

  24. Paige says

    So excited for Courtney! I’ve been cheering her on for a while. So thankful she followed Gods lead and put herself out there and God is going to bless it! My oldest boy is struggling through respect right now. Teachers, church leaders, coaches… Everyone is his boss right now and respect for authority is a huge lesson to get right. We all answer to someone. We are praying God work on his heart while we stick to the consequences. Not all parenting is fun. But we love him too much not to deal with this. He’s such a great little leader and I know God has an awesome plan for his life. Thanks for promoting the book, Sandra!

  25. Sandra Stanley says

    Congratulations to Jane Borozan – Winner of the autographed copy of In This House We Will Giggle! Thank you to all who participated. More drawings coming soon!

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