Uncommon Common Sense

All I can say is, “Wow!” over the response to Allie’s Rules for High School. To those of you who posted, reposted, tweeted, copied, mailed, framed, and passed on to high school girls you love, thank you.

In two and a half weeks there were almost 750,000 hits to this post. That doesn’t account for the thousands who read them directly from Facebook or from other websites where they made their way. On the first day of school, the list was read during drive time on the most listened to morning show in Atlanta. Q100’s The Bert Show is syndicated, consequently it hit lots of other stations as well. Thanks Bert and team!

Allie’s response over and over was, “Mom, these are just common sense. Why is it such a big deal?” My answer to that question was simply, “Allie, common sense isn’t really all that common.”

Truth be told, what seems like common sense to many of us actually isn’t. While a conscience might be rattled a bit when a teenager makes a poor choice, often they just do it anyway. If they haven’t consistently been taught the reasons for setting personal standards, why would they? Certainly if a teenager doesn’t have a relationship with Christ, half of these rules seem downright silly.

Allie and I hope this list continues to make a difference in the lives of some precious teenage girls (and guys). Thank you, kind readers, for passing the list along and helping make something uncommon a bit more common.


  1. Beth says

    Light in the darkness! So thankful this went viral.

    We could certainly use your wisdom and relational skills to talk with our (8th grade in particular) girls at school.

    Blessings, Allie! War Eagle from this Dawg!

  2. Kristina Brown says

    Sandra – Thank you for raising such an amazing young lady! Allie, thank you for taking the time to pour your heart into the younger girls behind you and spelling out exactly the bottom-line facts.

    I have 3 daughters, one will start her first year of middle school tomorrow, the middle daughter will be in the 7th grade and my oldest starts her first day of High School in less than 12 hours. Your list Allie, was shared with me by a dear friend. I have in turn shared with my friends and just posted to my FB page.

    What seems like common sense is what many moms might also think. But Allie – can you believe that there are many moms that would not think of these things on your list? It’s not that they are “bad” moms but Allie! Here’s one of the reasons that you are a jewel among jewels! I think many moms might also consider some of your top 20s as common sense and so therefore simply just might not address it. But HOW COOL is it that you spelled it right on out for us moms. Right here in black and white – coming from someone that has JUST been through it. Coming from such a God-centered heart and place of complete and absolute love for girls that she just poured into. You ROCK MY WORLD Ms. Allie and I thank you tremendously for your insight.

    I’m a cool enough mom – not interested in being my daughters friends right now but certainly want to maintain the wonderful relationships with my daughters as they go through these years. I’m 43 and I remember when I was their age I thought that was pretty old. It has been over 25 years but I do know that values and their relationship with Christ – well that’s just timeless stuff. You are such a blessing Allie – thank you! I even heard a friend of mine that I had shared your link with using one of your rules when she and I were discussing morals and values. She was saying that she wants her daughter to “treat her kisses like they are very, very limited” and I smiled to myself as I remembered your list. And tonight as I tucked in my freshman daughter I said a silent prayer that she continues her walk with Christ just like you.

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Consider yourself Cyber Hugged )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. Jessica says

    My daughter just turned 3. I am saving these for her future! Thank you both! Wise words, Allie, and they show both wisdom and uncommon maturity, both of which will serve you SO well in college!

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