Imperial Chicken Bake

photoYears ago, when Andy and I were newlyweds, a group of ladies at First Baptist Church of Atlanta put together a cookbook. This was no ordinary church cookbook. It was a beautiful hardcover cookbook filled with photographs taken by my father-in-law. The recipes were tested and tested and tested. In fact, there was a running joke that the cookbook would never be released because the tester ladies were having too much fun.

If you love cookbooks, you should definitely try to find one of these online!

So, back to my story . . . Again, I was a newlywed and was just learning how to cook. Really, I was bad at it. I remember making some sort of sponge cake that had three or four Jell-O colors in it. And, no, it wasn’t Mardi Gras. I really thought it was going to be good. I was not correct.

Thankfully, Among the Lilies was finally released. Maybe Andy called them and asked them to please hurry. Every recipe in that cookbook was amazing. Here is one that I bet I’ve made over a hundred times. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Imperial Chicken Bake

  • 3 C. dry breadcrumbs
  • 1 C. grated Parmesan cheese
  • 3 T. minced parsley
  • 1 t. salt
  • 6 chicken breast halves
  • 1/2 C. milk
  • 3/4-stick butter
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Paprika to taste

Combine first five ingredients in a large shallow bowl. Dip each chicken breast in milk; then dredge in the seasoned crumbs. Place in lightly greased dish. Combine butter, garlic, and lemon juice. Drizzle over chicken. Sprinkle paprika over all. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes until tender.

Guess what? I have a copy to give away! Enter to win by commenting with your funniest cooking mishap. There will be a random drawing on Monday, September 1!


  1. Bobette Pape says

    My funniest cooking experience happened while making baked beans for my family! I never knew, because I never asked my mom, why she put a bit of baking soda in the beans while they were cooking. I knew she skimmed off the foam it created, so thought it was necessary to get all the “foam” out. I continued to add baking soda to release the “foam.” Needless to say, the baked beans were never baked because they were inedible!

  2. Melissa anderson says

    I have had a lot of cooking mishaps, but here is the one my husband likes the best. When we were newly married I wanted to impress my husband with a yummy and hearty meal. He is a big guy and loves meat, so I decided on a beef stew since the weather was chilly. I should have known the recipe was not a good one when it promised that the beef stew would be amazingly tender in just 15 min! But I was short on time and was eager to wow my man, so I got to work. Everything was going fine until I got to the final steps, which was to add some flour to thicken the sauce. I don’t really remember the details, but I do remember the outcome – my beef stew was bright white! My sweet husband looked at the meal and tried his best to say thanks, but seriously, white beef stew in less than 15 minutes??? After two bites we ordered pizza and just called it a wash. Till this day I still don’t like to make a dish that requires thickening a sauce….

  3. Jane shine says

    I have no idea if this is how I enter. But, just in case…

    years ago, married about 5 years, and we had the big family for dinner. Not only was I making the turkey I was making EVERYTHING. Well, my oven died on Wednesday. I begged and pleaded with the appliance store to install a new one that day. And they did. Whew. 1st crisis averted. All was going according to plan….turkey done, sides keeping warm and I needed to make the gravy. I put flour and HOT water (my mom always said to use potato water) into the gravy shaker I bought just for this purpose. And gave it a bunch of big shakes and….you guessed it…the top flew off and flour water covered every surface in my kitchen. I was covered, the turkey was covered, and many members of my family were covered. Thankfully no one got burned. In the moment I was so upset. And then all we could do was laugh! Cold water is my friend now.

  4. Danette Warmouth says

    It was my first time hosting our families for Thanksgiving Dinner. I had planned, prepped and purchased everything well in advance. The meal was nutritionally balanced, colorful, and flavors and textures were carefully considered for every pallet. I even had a flow chart to make sure everything was timed for maximum efficiency. But one thing I didn’t anticipate…my oven size. Being a first time turkey baker (in an older home), I didn’t even consider that a turkey in a roasting pan would not fit properly in my 27″ wall oven. I put the turkey in the oven and closed the door, but the door wouldn’t close completely. There was still about a 1/2″ gap. So, being a girl raised in the south, I didn’t hesitate… I quickly grabbed the roll of Duct Tape from the garage and secured the oven. I was in a bit of a panic underneath, but everyone else thought it was hilarious, so it added to the joyful day. The turkey was actually delicious, and we still laugh about this (15 years later). And, yes. I got a new oven!

  5. Sandy says

    Not sure I should share this one , but it was over 30 years ago. I was living in the Home Management House on campus at Auburn (a home economics major). My roommate had the big test cooking the nice meal for our instructor. The baked potatoes were not going to be done on time (no microwave in the HMH). Thinking like a scientist, I suggested we insert some nails into the ones that were still hard. And yes, we washed them. Well, you would know we left one in and guess who got it.? Oh yes, the instructor. We hoped she would be impressed with our science conductor knowledge. Not sooo much, but she didn’t score her too bad. Bet it was a meal she still remembers!

  6. Cheryl says

    When we were first married I tried to make chicken Parmesan. Let’s just say it was more like chicken a la Elmer’s glue! My sweet husband ate every bite. And then we went out for ice cream!

  7. Lynda says

    I too was a newlywed (guess we are all cooking our hearts our trying to impress our new husbands – lol). Anyway, I had a bottle of Zinfandel wine hanging around the kitchen someone had gifted us. Not being a drinker, I figured I would find a recipe to use it in. I found a chicken recipe calling for white wine, popped the cork, and started rattling the pots and pans. So turns out Zinfandel is NOT the same thing as white wine . . . the results were disasterous — I cant even begin to describe how bad it tasted. 11 years later, my husband STILL brings up this dish as the worst thing I ever served him. LOL

  8. Candice says

    It’s early and my brain can’t seem to conjure up a specific incident right now, but let’s just say that I’m not allowed to adjust new recipes in ANY way. I follow them to the “T”. I’ve had to learn this the hard way and is also why we are familiar with many local pizza places. Thanks for sharing this recipe Sandra. It sounds wonderful.

  9. Deborah K. says

    When I married my husband, I was past making the cooking mishaps…he wasn’t. One day, in the first year of our marriage, I was really sick and so my husband wanted to make me a cup of ramen (we were both grad students). So he stuck the hard ramen noodles in a bowl of cold water, added the spice pack, and put the whole thing in the microwave for two minutes. The noodles exploded. He was surprised.

  10. Amy says

    We were newlyweds and living in our first house. A neighbor invited us over for our first “bring a dish” dinner. I was to bring a salad. I was so excited to make the Oriental Slaw (with shredded cabbage, Ramon Noodles and of course, sunflower “seeds”). I was excited to toss it all in a pretty glass bowl that was a wedding gift I hadn’t used yet. We were on the way out the front door when THANKFULLY my husband glanced down at the salad and said, “Amy, did you put sunflower seeds in that slaw?” I replied, “Yes, it called for 1/2 cup.” He then shook his head and laughed and said, “I’m sure it calls for sunflower KERNELS, not the actual seeds. Are we supposed to spit the shells as we eat our salad?” I was so embarrassed and disappointed in myself that I set the pretty bowl down on the counter and we went dish-less across the street to dinner! (I haven’t bought another bag of Davis Sunflower Seeds since!)

  11. says

    As new members of a Baptist church in Manassas Virginia, my husband Tim and I joined a young married Sunday school class. The first thing the group did was a “supper six.” We were joined with two couples and assigned to have dinner over the next month at each other’s homes. For our dinner, I meticulously planned a fancy meal of Creole shrimp. Unknown to me, Tim popped into the kitchen several times, tasted the shrimp, and deemed it not spicy enough. Each time he added a little more cayenne pepper.
    After several pitchers of water, and a lot of forehead wiping, our guest valiantly complimented my food. Thirty years later, I’m still very close to one of those ladies. Sometimes disasters produce the best friends.

  12. Lori says

    My in-laws were coming for a visit and I decided to try a new recipe on them called Stroganoff Pie. I love Beef Stroganoff, so I thought it would be great. After one bite, my father-in-law, who was always so kind, put down his fork and said, “This is a No”. Needless to say, those hot dogs I had in the freezer came in handy that night!

  13. Shelley Eaton says

    Thanks for the post. I LOVE cookbooks and ordered one on Amazon this morning. I have another cookbook , Just Joy, that I use all of the time. I believe you were a part of the group that published this wonderful cookbook for a wonderful cause. Thank you!! Our family used to attend Northpoint in Alpharetta. We have sinced moved to Jacksonville, Fl. We certainly miss our former church.
    Shelley Eaton

  14. Brenda Austin says

    Love cook books! Always looking for a new one. Can you tell us where to order this one? After 50+ years of marriage, there have been quite a few dishes that didn’t turn out that well but I have gotten better…we have family dinner every Monday night with all the family, daughters, sons in law, grandchildren, in-laws…. and now that the grandkids are growing up, there’s usually a friend or boyfriend that comes along. I look forward to trying this recipe for a family dinner night.Thanks for sharing!

  15. Stacey Mills says

    Cabbage. My husband and I were making it for New Years Day. If you’ve ever made cabbage then you know the aroma is not that great! You should have seen our little boys faces with they came in the kitchen to see what we were making for lunch. Priceless! I would love the cookbook to help with cooking at home more. We eat out way too much as a family.

  16. Jennie says

    It was my first Thanksgiving cooking a turkey for my family…my Mom always cooked the turkey, but this particular year she was battling breast cancer and was sick from the chemo…needless to say, it was already gonna be a tough Thanksgiving! But I was determined to cook a turkey, so I went for it. I found a delicious recipe on-line, called my mom just to double check all the particulars…I mean, how hard can it be to cook a turkey, right? After cooking all day, my husband, my daughters and I all sat down ready to eat the amazing feast spread before us. The turkey was perfection…until I cut into it. Blood was dripping out everywhere and I soon discovered the plastic bag that held all the “parts” I had been searching for earlier to make the gravy! We ended up going for thanksgiving dinner to our neighbor’s house and while I cried at the time…this cooking tragedy has become one of our family’s most hilarious memories! 🙂 My mom was by my side the next year to coach me on how to pull the plastic bag out BEFORE I cook the turkey! LOL!

  17. Sarah says

    Last Thanksgiving for my “Friendsgiving” I decided just to stick with what I knew- pumpkin pie with my mom’s recipe for a homemade crust. Most of my friends don’t bake from scratch, so I take opportunities like these as my shining moment to impress everyone. About 15 minutes before I got to my friend’s house, I realized I had completely left the sugar out of the pumpkin mix. OOPS. Sometimes you need taken down a peg. Thankfully, with a LOT of extra whipped cream, the pie actually still tasted pretty good.

  18. Ginger Riggins says

    I am notorious for substituting ingredients. I wanted to make a dessert and didn’t have the suggested flavor of pudding (chocolate) but did have pistachio, lemon and strawberry flavors. So my signature dish: “Starburst Surprise” was born. That was 15+ years ago and we still talk about that cake!

  19. Jessica Arnette says

    When I was first married and learning how to cook I made my husband a calzone with a store bought pie crust… surely it’s the same thing as pizza dough! He was a bit confused, but ate it anyway.

  20. Becky Combs says

    As a 14 yr. old girl who had never cooked until my mom died..I proudly put a baked chicken before my dad & brother …only to learn that I has cooked it with the inner organs. (paper & all)!
    As a married woman- guess the worst was a key lime pie that was liquid because I had the amt of lime juice 1/2 cup too much

  21. Charlotte Lewis says

    You may be cross-eyed by the time you read this far! But here goes:
    Bestie-couples went to stay in a GA cabin, and I volunteered to cook the breakfasts. “Please make your homemade buttermilk biscuits!!” Of course I was flattered into it.
    Gathering what seemed like the whole pantry, we headed out the door… But not before I remembered homemade jelly. So I opened the pantry door & grabbed one of those cute mini-ball jars of jelly. Looked like a nice, red strawberry!
    Breakfast is ready, y’all!!! Prayer. Pass the biscuits. Pass the butter. Pass the jelly. My friend Bruce took a long slow bite of the much-anticipated biscuit. Face twisted into a spiral. Contents of mouth emptied onto plate. IT WAS ROOM FRESHENING GEL.
    Never lived that down.

  22. Amy says

    It was when my husband and I first started dating and I wanted to impress him by trying to cook his favorite – lasagna. I had never made it from scratch before and I also wanted to make it healthier by using ground turkey instead of beef, and it did NOT turn out so well! I was a mess, too, when he arrived for dinner. My face was red, I was sweating, and the kitchen looked pretty crazy too. He was SO sweet about it and ate it anyway. I can make a pretty good lasagna now. 🙂

  23. cynthia says

    So I have been married for five years and I still cook worse than a newlywed!:) I just asked my husband what was my biggest cooking mishap. Being the sweet man that he is the one he came up with actually has nothing to do with a bad tasting result(even though Ive had more of those than Id like to count :). One time I had just cooked something in a frying pan and I immediately put it under cold water to rinse and scalded a 3 inch burn on my forearm. Ouch! Lesson learnes the hard way.

  24. Karen Spangler says

    I’m still not a great cook but I am better than I was a year ago. I have embraced the crock pot and follow recipes to the exact letter due to fear of messing it up. My husband is thrilled to say the least, that I started to cook a little bit. Now that we have a baby I really need to learn to cook some family friendly meals instead of making everything spicy. When I was about 17 years old I had just made a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch one Saturday. Big cooking skills, eh? Well, when I went to cut it (I always cut my grilled cheese sandwich) with a butter knife I notice this film like stuff. I was so confused. Sure enough, I forgot to take the wrapper off one of the slices of cheese. How hysterical is that? My Dad still remembers that moment. I was incredulous but we did laugh!! That’s one way to ruin some cooking self confidence. Haha! Pretty embarrassing but way more funny. 🙂

  25. NAN POSTEL says

    I’ve left that “gel packet thing” that comes in meat packaging in more recipes than i will admit (at least 2 roasts have been ruined) – and…i’ve left some fabulous, delicious leftovers out all night (didn’t put in fridge because i wanted them cooled down a bit and then forgot them)


  26. Jeannie says

    When my husband and I were dating, I tried to make a dessert to take to a dinner party. I remember making a peanut butter pie recipe that required that you “scald” the milk. I had no idea what that meant and definitely did not get the right consistency. When we got to the party and they gave the dessert options by putting some on a plate, mine was a total runny mess which prompted one “friend” to ask “What the heck is it? Bring back the brownie choice!” I was so embarrassed. That was the last time I tried to scald milk!

  27. Alisha says

    Trying to impress my son to be husband, I wasn’t sure what “tempering eggs” meant. So he ended up w/ scrambled lemon meringue pie.

  28. Dawn Smith says

    I was 4th string on the cooking team in my house growing up. We lived with my grandmother, who was a great cook. My mother was a close second, then my older sister, then me. Let me just say the depth chart became extremely shallow with me. My grandfather farmed and my parents worked outside the home, so my grandmother prepared most meals, certainly lunch (or dinner, as it was known in my house. Supper happened at 6 pm). Because cornbread was on the table at practically each meal, one tragic day… it fell to me to make for my grandfather and dad for dinner. My grandmother was in the hospital, my mother was at work and my sister fell ill with a virus. I was put in the game. Since I had never made a pan of cornbread in my life, I completed each step per my sister’s instructions and taking it to her bedside for her approval and next step. There were no Pioneer Woman pictures to follow back then. I have to say, it baked up beautifully. I was so proud and so was my dad, until he bit into it with a crunch. ALOT of crunch… I had grabbed the grits instead of cornmeal out of the pantry. Whether or not I win the cookbook.. this was fun to remember!

  29. Katheryne says

    Oh, I haven’t thought about this probably since it happened almost 10 years ago. I think I forgot about it on purpose… It was July 4th holiday (I think…I really made it a point to forget about this. Thankfully.) I was invited by friends of a friend to join their family and lots of friends for a pot-luck. At the time, I wasn’t really into cooking special recipes. So for this occasion, I wanted to do something new. Somehow found a recipe for baked chicken that included an egg coating. It sounded creative and interesting and possibly good for conversation. Well, the only thing that was stellar about that dish was my confidence in cooking and offering it to a bunch of strangers. There were a lot of couples with children in different age groups. The teenage boys were the most honest in their reactions. Everyone was gracious though, especially the hostess. And we all had a great time. She focused on my lovely trays and serving ware. I also only went home with about a third of what I cooked…. Looking forward to this new recipe 🙂

  30. Tifani Thompson says

    These stories are so so great and funny! I have gained great knowledge by reading these cooking adventure stories!:):) I cook such fast simple bland dinners, and this recipe sounds so so YUMMY! My mom is visiting us in Oct, and is going to make this recipe,,,,fun treat for us! I’m going to order this neat cookbook tomorrow from Amazon. Excited! It makes it even more special that Pastor Andy’s dad is part of it. So awesome! Thanks for posting this.

  31. says

    I could not cook but was going to try, went and brought lots of things, filled my kitchen. WHY did I do that? I knew nothing about how to use any of it, it took a long time, plenty of fun and laughing. when over at my friends house would just watch them. Good lessons.
    Dothan, al

  32. Kathy says

    We are celebrating 25 years , this weekend. But when we were newly weds , I had my husbands family over to celebrate his birthday. As they are walking into our apartment I am still whipping the frosting . I could not understand why it would not go smooth ? So I just put it on ( lots and lots) of frosting on this cake. It looked great from a distance . We sat down to eat and everyone grew quiet , maybe it was because they were on a sugar rush maybe it was because their mouth was full of sugar grinds . I finally said that I didn’t understand why the frosting was grainy and not smooth, my dear mother in law quietly asked if I used regular sugar or icing sugar in the recipe? Oh no there are 2 kinds of sugar ???? Bless my father in laws heart who was a diabetic and was still trying to eat it. I think he had to double up on his needles. Everyone scrapped the frosting off and the party continued 🙂

  33. Maureen Goodwin says

    When we were first married, I decided to make a cheesecake. Instructions said to let the cream cheese come to room temperature and I thought, “No time for that.” So I used cold cream cheese, but when I blended it up, it looked chunky. I thought, “It’ll all shake out in the oven.” When we cut into it, behold: It was a lumpy “Cottage Cheese Cake.” Not pretty. Warm cream cheese first–lesson learned.

  34. Tiffany R says

    We were out of town and my daughter decided to make cake balls on her own (with grandma there to supervise). She spent all afternoon making cake from scratch and then dipping them in chocolate. She put them in the fridge to harden and when she took them out, she bumped the fridge door and they fell onto the floor. Her 11 year old heart was broken! She called me crying after she had thrown them all in the trash. I had to talk her through it but that was the worst kitchen mishap we have had!

  35. Liz Bangs says

    Let me set this up by sharing that I am a chronic nail picker. It’s a terrible habit. So, occasionally I decide to have my nails done, tips and all. You can probably imagine where this is heading…. So, a few years back I was helping out a friend who owns a small health food store. One of the things they offered was smoothies. I’m an avid smoothie maker and I went to town. They got all kinds of yummy and healthy stuff in that shake. And, probably got a really good price too. While I was checking them out I noticed that one of my tips was missing! I didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure where I had lost it so I just thanked the customer and wished them well. Confessions of a guilty “barista”.

    • Sandra Stanley says

      Congrats Liz! You won the random drawing for the Among The Lilies cookbook! It’ll be heading your way tomorrow. Andy and I are taking off for Israel today, but Diane will get it in the mail tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for participating. And, I love/hate your mishap!!!

  36. Vicky says

    When I was a newlywed, I thought I would impress my husband by making a cheese sauce to enhance our steamed broccoli side dish. I didn’t have a clue how to make a cheese sauce so I decided to just place a hunk of Cracker Barrell cheddar cheese into a sauce pan on medium heat. As you might imagine, this little cooking experiment didn’t go so well. The cheese began to melt into an oily mess. My husband came into the kitchen, asked me what I was making, and then he told me when his mother made cheese sauce she made a cream sauce first and then added grated cheese. I proceed to tell him that THIS was how I made my cheese sauce! Thankfully my cooking skills have improved!

  37. Peggy Otto says

    I’ve never been known for being a good “cook” – a “baker”, yes, not a good cook. And while you are asking for cooking mishaps, I thought y’all get a kick out of baking mishap. It was my very first attempt at making Tiramisu and I was using a recipe my husband received from an Italian friend (read: the old-fashioned way to make Tiramisu). I was making this very tasty desert for a Church Council “get-together”. If you’ve ever made Tiramisu you know that you make a liquid mixture of espresso and brandy. The idea is you take these little “lady fingers” and quickly dip them in the mixture then line the bottom of the pan with them. You layer the other ingredients, then another layer of lady fingers – and repeat so you have about 3 layers of lady fingers. Unfortunately, I ran out of the espresso-brandy mixture mid-way through this process, so I made some more. Later that evening, after dinner, the church council members (and spouses) each had a serving of Tiramisu. Some even asked for seconds. Everyone LOVED it! I was so delighted. By the time the entire pan was consumed, people started to feel a little bit woozy and it was at that point I realized I had used WAY too much brandy in the recipe. When the recipe said, “QUICKLY dip the lady finger into the espresso-brandy mixture” it meant it! We all had a good laugh and everyone drank some coffee afterwards, to counter the effects of the “over-brandied” Tiramisu. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed, but every one else laughed-it-off.

  38. Lindsey G. says

    I actually tried to make a fresh strawberry pie one time using cornmeal in the filling instead of cornstarch. I didn’t know the difference between the two until then. I was so disappointed that I wasted all those strawberries I had picked myself that I have never tried to make my Nana’s Strawberry Pie again.

  39. Sandra Stanley says

    Liz Bangs! You are the winner of the Among The Lilies cookbook!!!

    Thank you, everyone, for participating. You all had me in stitches. I even read several to Andy! I’ll be doing more give-aways, so stay on the look-out for some great resources coming your way!


  40. says

    I learned the hard way that there IS a difference between plain and self-rising flour. Making my first pound cake, I grabbed the only flour I had (self rising!) and put in 3 cups. Imagine my surprise when I smelled something burning only to realize it was all the cake batter that had overflowed my pan onto the bottom element in the oven. The good news is that i learned how to use the self-cleaning part of my oven which happens to be amazing. Yes, good times!

  41. Kathryn Clark says

    Even though the contest is over I will still share my story. It was my first Thanksgiving married and I wanted to contribute and bring something to my in-laws house. My sister is a great baker and gave me a recipe for a chocolate pumpkin cake! She made it once and it was so good! I wanted to impress everyone and bring something delicious. So, I got up early Thanksgiving day and started cooking away…I must have been doing too many things at once and I sort of got lost somewhere while making the cake. Once I took it out of the oven it was kind of soupy? I accidentally doubled the milk. My husband Kyle said he didn’t think I should bring it. We stopped by Panera and bought a coffee cake! I put it on a plate and made it look kind of messy so it would seem homemade. I finally tried making the chocolate pumpkin cake a couple years later and everyone loved it!!

  42. Kim Witman says

    I wasn’t even a new bride. I was feeding my 16 year old son and making a pot of beef vegetable soup. I had frozen really good beef stock and added it to the crockpot before I left for work. I saw one unlabeled half pint of stock in the freezer so I added it at the last moment. Hours later, I realized that the last half pint of stock was really mashed ripe bananas that I had frozen to make banana bread. Label, label, label. The soup was tosses.

  43. Lynn says

    Oh, I am so sorry to have missed this posting in time for the cookbook. I would love a copy, could you possibly let me know how to get one. I love cooking, growing up cooking and blessed to marry a man who always tells me how good it is. I don’t think I ever ate anything his mother made that wasn’t good but he never compares us. I’m blessed now to be her full time caregiver, she lives with us, and am always looking for good recipes to cook for her. My husband retired to be at home with her during the day and I work then go home to care for her in evening. Good, tasty and quick recipes are always welcomed : ) Thank you for your blog…it is such a blessing.

    • Sandra Stanley says

      Hi Lynn. I’ve heard several people say they’ve found the cookbook on Amazon and eBay. It’s such a good one. I’ve adapted many of the recipes using some healthier ingredients, and used many just as they are. I do hope you find one and enjoy it! May God bless you, your husband, and your sweet mom-in-law!

  44. Tifani Thompson says

    Really quick,,,,,I used coconut oil making brownies, and our girls LOVED them. (I usually don’t use any oil at all). I used the coconut oil making pancakes this morning, and they just loved them. This coconut oil is awesome! Yummy! It is such a perfect substitution than using the other canola oils. Thanks again for always sharing:)

  45. Karissa says

    While my husband I were still dating we would often have date nights at his parents house. His mother would let me use the kitchen and I would cook the two of dinner that we would have outside by the pool. I had found a recipe for steak that I was excited to try. After crusting the steak in lots of salt and pepper I was to cook the steaks on the stove top. I heated the pan and placed the desired amount of butter to be melted while I coated each steak with salt. Before I knew it I had burnt the butter and had set off EVERY smoke detector in the home including the one in the back of the house (far away from the the kitchen) to the bedrooms. Of course his sweet siblings all came out army crawling across the house shouting “stop, drop and roll.” They all found it hilarious, but as a young college student I was mortified to have burnt butter, of all things, in one the best southern cook’s home I have ever eaten in. Needless to say, that story still lives on at nearly every family gathering.

  46. Molissah says

    Hi Sandra! I tried the imperial chicken bake recipe and I love it!!!!! The only change I made is instead of using regular bread crumbs, I used panko bread crumbs to give the chicken a crispier crust. I attend your father-in-law’s church and I was in church library and I found a copy of the Among the Lilies Cookbook! As I was checking out the book, the librarian told me that this cookbook is excellent and I cannot go wrong with any recipe in the cookbook! I made the sour cream pound cake and it was fabulous!! The only changes I made was omitted the vanilla and added two teaspoons of lemon and omitted the glaze. Will continue to make more recipes:)

  47. says

    I realize the contest is over, but… One Thanksgiving, Lane and I headed to Fla. with my parents and our kids packed into Dad’s van. Because the kitchen we were going to was tiny, we left Ga. with MOST of the feast already prepared. Dad bungee-strapped two huge coolers to the roof and off we went. About 2 exits down 400, when he finally got up some speed ;), we heard a heart-stopping CRACK! I imagined a tree had hit the roof, but
    NO. After making sure no one was maimed, I glanced up to see our frozen Butterball bumbling across 400 at breakneck speed, SMACK into the grill of a semi! Lemon meringue pies, chocolate pies, broccoli casserole and everything else we had already prepared was splattered all over 400, for yards. The scariest thing was all the bright red cranberry-orange relish mom had packed into mason jars, covered most of the carnage. It looked like a crime scene. I would love to hear what the poor trucker thought as the huge, frozen turkey, bounced out of nowhere and pounded into his truck grill.
    *My dad, for whom food = love language, was despondent but we recovered nicely, and had a wonderful “do-over” feast.

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