Jackie’s Joy

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I want to grow up and be like my mom. If you knew her, you would say you do too.

As an observer, you might notice her carefree spirit and want to breathe a little of that for yourself. How very comfortable she is to be around might catch your attention and make you want to meet her for coffee.

Maybe you would decide to shuffle your own priorities after witnessing her abundant energy for activities that are not all about her. It would be nearly impossible not to see how sought after she is for wise counsel; you may well ask around to find out where the line forms.

Perhaps you’d observe how easily she laughs and celebrates, and how quickly she cries with those who are hurting. Friends like that are hard to come by.

You’d witness the joy she has in her three children and their spouses. You would definitely hear countless stories highlighting the antics of her nine grandchildren. For sure, you’d be compelled by the love and fun she has with her husband and best friend of over fifty years.

You certainly wouldn’t miss her heart for her Creator and Savior. You would find yourself inspired to dig deep into Scripture, and draw close to the One who makes life worth living.

Maybe what I admire most about my mom is her ability to discern what’s NOT important. She won’t be found spinning her wheels in the muck of the unimportant and irrelevant. Jackie, my amazing mom, knows how to discern what’s important in life. She values most what brings the truest joy.


  1. says

    What a lady! And such a sweet picture too. My husband and I each lost our mothers to cancer when they were just in their fifties, but God blessed each of our families with the most amazing stepmothers, and absolutely no strife between the combined families.

  2. Tifani Thompson says

    Your mom is so beautiful Sandra!,,,your parents are so so adorable! They look so hug-able!! It would be the most special special treat to have coffee with BOTH of you!! It’s an amazing special gift to be around those who reflect our most loving God in every-way! Your mom sounds irresistible to be around:):) I’m thankful for the influence and example your mom continues to have on you and your siblings,,,,,because we love to gain all that wisdom and encouragement from you!! Your mom is a blessing to the Stanley family!! So grateful for that! Happy Mother’s Day to wonderful you and your wonderful mom!

  3. Tifani Thompson says

    Forgot one thing…..Please thank your mom for her powerful words that you shared from her on Guardrails,,,,”These days may seem long, but the years are very short”. Those words have been repeated several several times between me and my sister,,,,and have also been shared to many others around us. Such a huge encouragement,,,,especially on our hard tired tired mommy days!

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