What’s in Your Cup?

Cups.jpgHave you ever admired and appreciated someone from afar, and then you got to know that person—the “real and up-close” person—and your admiration skyrocketed? That’s the way it was for me with Regina Williams. The first few times I was around her, I thought to myself, I’d love to get to know her better. She seemed mature, wise, and just together.

Regina is a stage or two ahead of me as a mom and wife. While I was in the heavy-duty mom years, she made some time in her busy schedule to have several lunches with me and to share her insights on being a mom to boys.

Regina has a tremendous heart for mentoring. A few years ago, she launched a mentoring ministry that has taken off and become a model for women all over the country. But what I didn’t know about Regina until recently is how her own personal story launched her desire to pour what’s in her cup into the cups of younger ladies. I’m a strong believer in the power of one person’s story and experiences impacting someone coming along behind.

Hear from Regina, and ask yourself the compelling question at the end of her story.

Our Story in God’s Grand Story

Everyone has a story, and perhaps your story is similar to mine. My story is one of growing up in a family that did not know Christ. My parents sought to fill the void through alcohol and gambling . . . which led to financial troubles and addiction . . . which led to abuse, violence, and abandonment.

I heard the gospel at a church camp when I was nine years old and accepted Jesus as my Savior. But because I did not experience God’s love through my family, I struggled with insecurity, often feeling unloved and deserted by God. I based God’s love on my circumstances and not on His Truth. I diligently sought to please Him with my life, thinking if I could just please Him, He would change my circumstances. As a result, my life became performance-based versus grace-based.

I married my high school sweetheart at nineteen; and even though we were both Christians, we had a lot of baggage to work through in our marriage. At the age of twenty-two, God brought an older woman into my life who opened her life up to me and invited me in. She was raised in a strong Christian family. Even though she could not relate to my circumstances, she listened to my struggles, prayed for me, and took time to invest in my life. I watched her as she modeled loving her husband and children and making their home a place where Christ was at the center of everything. We studied God’s Word together and prayed together. She modeled everything I desired to have in my family.

Just as this woman displayed the love of God to me, so I desire to make my life available to other women, extending His love and grace to each of them. It is a huge blessing to be a small part of another woman’s story that God is writing. This is one way we can bring “His Kingdom here on earth.”

Who is God inviting you to invest in as He is writing her unique story?

For His glory and the next generation,




  1. Tifani Thompson says

    I LOVED reading this! I’m in the heavy-duty mom years right now, and it will be so so special when I can “fully pour” into other mom’s cups. It’s a wonderful thing being able to do some pouring right now when a little ‘breathing room’ does open up. Thanks for giving the link to Regina William’s sight. Thanks ALWAYS for your sharing of wisdom and filling our “tired mommy cups”:)

  2. Amy says

    You are a mentor to many Ms. Stanley. In fact, you are one of ladies I am able to admire from afar. I see God shining through you the way I want him to shine through me.
    I thank you for passing on the wonderful resource of Regina and Titus 2 ministry.

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