Making Me Laugh!

One of my favorite things in life is laughing with my brother and sister. We frequently send each other funny videos. THIS came from my sister yesterday, and has me completely undone.

I’m sure there is a catchy, insightful post that could be written.  A lesson to be learned, a conclusion to be drawn, an insight to be gleaned.  But, I just can’t come up with anything worthy.  So, enjoy…


  1. Tifani Thompson says

    So So funny! I had to play it over and over for our girls. Their mouths were wide open with giggles. Funny you posted this today because last night my sister texted me and told me she sprayed glitter all over her husband’s pillow,,,,and how he will wake up so pretty in the morning. Tee Hee! Sisterly fun is the best!! It especially adds energy to our tired tired mommy days! Thank you for posting this video. We had such deep tummy laughs!!

  2. Charlotte Lewis says

    Sandra, my sister & I, too, have wacky senses of humor so I really appreciated this post. Alas, my poor husband does not LAUGH so readily… BUT he surely laughed at THIS!
    P.s. Love your blog.

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