34 Years, and Counting!

Check out this awesome newspaper article. The date is Wednesday, November 19, 1980.

photoThe headline reads, “Bible Study Class Creates Interest.” Well, I guess so. Look at that cute Bible teacher—teaching and doing the music. He was the complete package!

Even then, Andy had such a desire to teach the Bible in a way people could understand and apply. Quoted in the article, this 22-year-old (whom I now love so much) said, “. . . real, down-to-earth, scriptural principles. It’s not just everybody feel good and go home happy.”

I love that. I guess I was a too-skinny, mouth-full-of-braces, 14-year-old growing up in Dublin, Georgia, at the time. Might’ve had myself a bit of a crush if I had been in that Bible study. Good thing we didn’t meet until later.



  1. Trish Pearce says

    Now he’s the complete package….he’s got you precious one. I so enjoy your site and just reading gives me a little connection. Praying always for you, Andy and oh my those beautiful kids. Give your Mom and Dad our love. They truly left precious footprints on my heart and will never forget the impact their friendship and love made in my life. Love you girlie.

  2. Tifani Thompson says

    Look at that bunch of curly hair of his! What a fun article! He is the whole package, and you both make the perfect perfect awesome package! God has blessed Pastor Andy’s mind and soul! We have never had a pastor/teacher like him in our lives!…and we continue to be so so grateful for both of you! Pastor Andy brings the scripture out in the most awesome applicable way! We can’t get enough of his teachings! Thank you for all your sharing Sandra! I always look so so forward to it!!

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