Three Kids, Three Drawers

photoOne of my favorite organization tips for moms is the kitchen drawer plan.  When we moved from 2 kids to 3, I realized that it was time for some serious organization updating.  I was finding little trucks, stickers, action figures, and a plethora of other toys tucked here and there throughout the house.

As I pondered the best way to corral the clutter, I remembered that Anna, my mother-in-law, had assigned one drawer in her living room to Andy and one also to Becky, Andy’s sister.  They were both out of college by this time, but occasionally mail would be delivered there.  If Anna found trinkets of theirs, into the drawer they would go.  Reminders, gifts, bills… it all went into the drawer.  Andy would check his drawer each time he went to his parents’ house.

Brilliant!  I decided that the same thing could work for Andrew, Garrett, and Allie.  I assigned a kitchen drawer to each of them.  When we moved to a rental house, and drawer space was limited, I bought of stack of plastic drawers from Target, and they did the trick.  I even let them personalize those with stickers and markers.

imagesAnytime the Stanley three had random things that didn’t need to go up to their rooms, those items would go into their drawer.  Whenever they asked if I’d seen something they’d lost, I’d respond, “Did you check your drawer?”  Usually it was in there.  If they had candy or money that they didn’t want anyone else to bother, it went into their drawer.  Their drawer was their territory, and rules were in place about not opening someone else’s drawer.

As time went by, the drawers were replaced by cubbies in the laundry room, but now that everyone is either in college, or a breath away, I think we’ll go back to the drawer plan.  I do miss those Hot Wheels, random rocks, and Barbies with tangled hair though!


  1. Tifani Thompson says

    I’m so excited to do this as soon as we get in our house. I know it is going to help us and me so much with our girlies. I know they will start loving it too! Thank you!

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