December 1, 2017 | Faith

Breathing Room is finally on bookshelves. But it was supposed to be there 12 months ago. To explain why it wasn’t, I have to back up a decade.


When my oldest son, Andrew, entered high school, it dawned on me that I was in the latter half of my full-time, hands-on mom season. My three kids, who are two years apart in age, would all be out of the house before I knew it. As the reality of that started sinking in, I began asking God to give me some vision for what was next. What would I devote my time and energy to once I’d washed the last baseball uniform and shopped for the last prom dress?


What God revealed was not at all what I expected. I wasn’t the sort of mom who wanted to perpetually parent. (This was about what I would do after my children moved out!) And yet, God began to move my heart toward kids from difficult circumstances. I began researching and educating myself on all things foster care. Slowly, I gained clarity that this was the direction God was leading. So just a few months after Andy and I moved our youngest child into her dorm room, we moved our foster daughter into our home.


Around this same time, I was talking with the team that published my first women’s study, Comparison Trap, about what would come next. I’d enjoyed the process of writing and filming that study and was excited about creating a second one. We were hearing amazing stories from women who’d been impacted by it. I was sure God would celebrate that success and give us wisdom for the next project. But every time I was on my knees, I would get a no from the Lord. I would feel a check in my spirit that maybe it wasn’t the right timing.


The team and I worked through some ways to lighten the workload, but still, God was giving me a no. I was back in the parenting trenches of helping with homework and driving our daughter all over town and was beginning the process of going back to school for my Masters of Christian Studies degree. As it turns out, I just didn’t have any breathing room to write a study about breathing room!


It was a chance to practice one of the lessons I would write in the book: I had to say no for now, not for always. Pausing the project wasn’t what I expected to be doing, but God’s no had become so clear that it was really an obedience issue. I needed to choose peace over progress.


In God’s timing, a year later, I jumped back into the project and here it is—finally ready for you to read it! Ladies, this topic is so close to my heart. The message in week four of this study changed the trajectory of our family and I’m so passionate about sharing it. (That session’s video segment has been known to cause tears. You’ve been warned!) I’ve been praying for all of you who will read the book, use it in your small group, or share it with someone else. I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it for you.


You can grab the devotional book on Amazon. And the videos are already available (for free!) on the Breathing Room app, available on the App Store or Google Play.


Pam - December 27, 2017 at 11:30 am

So looking forward to this!

suzanne caruthers - August 09, 2018 at 10:16 am

Can’t wait to follow you online.

Shannon Roddy - June 10, 2019 at 08:50 pm


Thanks for sharing! Two phrases really stuck out to me, “no for now, not for always” and “peace over progress.” As a father, husband and business owner I’m often torn between the things I want to accomplish and what I feel God’s called me to in the moment. Those words gave me a lot of peace and I plan on posing them (somewhere) as a helpful reminder.


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