Calling All Christmas Cards!

Happy New Year! Do you still have your Christmas cards displayed? I’m that person who wants all Christmas decorations organized, packed up, and put away THE DAY after Christmas. Tree needles need to be vacuumed up and household décor minimized. That said, I must confess that I leave the basket with Christmas cards out a […]

Evolution of a Court

In his book, Inside the Third Reich: Memoirs, Albert Speer discusses something he witnessed as Adolf Hitler’s popularity began to escalate. “Hitler himself put up no visible resistance to the evolution of a court.” Powerful people, whether they intend for it to happen or not, find that “a court” of sorts rises up around them. Suddenly people want […]

Grace in the Dark

Have you ever felt true awe when watching people you know respond to a serious illness or a season of extreme personal difficulty? I don’t mean you just admire their attitudes. I mean you’re awestruck over their rock-solid faith and trust. Andy and I watched and prayed for Andrea and Josh Smith and their four […]